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2009-10-30 14:55:42
Author: MKas

Server will be back online at 19:00 GMT+2

2009-10-26 15:27:25
Author: MKas

Server was offline, because ISP reworked network. Sorry for inconvenience.

Tatoo stats disabled
2009-10-19 14:01:53
Author: MKas

Tatoo stats disbled until we will make balanced stats.

Enchant rates
2009-10-03 12:45:12
Author: MKas

We raised enchant rates!

2009-09-04 13:54:17
Author: MKas

And, behold, a long time waited PVP, PK rankings!

New rule (Anti SCAM)
2009-08-27 12:48:20
Author: MKas

11. It is forbiden report yourself as ADMIN/GM (SCAM) and ask other players for private information like Account name, password, etc. (IPBan & items will be given back to their owners)

Vitality system
2009-08-25 15:31:21
Author: MKas

Added vitality system.
Few minor fixes.

Skills reset & minor fix
2009-08-24 10:20:13
Author: MKas

Skill enchanted more than +19 resetted to +0.
Queen Ant, Frintezza, Scarlet Van Halisha fixed.