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2009-06-16 11:10:27
Author: MKas

Regular update was made.

2009-06-04 21:09:18
Author: MKas

A lot of updates, fixes was made.

2009-06-04 16:35:03
Author: MKas

5 characters was wrongly banned yesterday - filka, Residential, Bios, Deep, cactus.
Server administration apologize.

Little update
2009-05-21 06:20:13
Author: MKas

Destiny LT server updated.

2009-05-19 04:15:49
Author: MKas

Now you can download L2 Gracia Final client from our torrent.

New version
2009-05-19 00:29:35
Author: MKas

Don't try to login with Gracia Part 2 or older client!

Server updated
2009-05-18 23:11:19
Author: MKas

Server was updated to Gracia Final version. Download new patch.

Server offline
2009-05-18 17:48:29
Author: MKas

Server offline...