Gracia Epilogue Offline

Custom rates
(~1000x retail like)
Enchant Max - 40w/45a
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1. It is forbiden pk, pvp, flag ir starting places. If you see who breaks that rule, send screenshot to admin (CharJail 24h or CharJail forever)
2. You can do anything in castle siege!!! (Including buff, cancel)
3. It is prevented to annoy to ADMIN/GM (ChatBan, Kick, CharJail up to 6h, CharBan)
4. It is forbiden to flood, abuse server admin or other players (ChatBan, CharJail 2h, Kick, Ban)
5. It is forbiden to beg for items, skills, enchants from GM/ADMIN (ChatBan, CharJail, Kick, CharBan)
6. It is forbiden to spawnkill - character must move or use skill after tp. (Jail 2h)
7. If you are dualboxing, then only one character can leave town area! If two characters leave town area, both will be punished. (Ex.: It is forbiden to dualbox in TvT Event, Olympiad, 7signs festival, etc..) (CharJail, CharBan, IpBan)
8. It is forbiden to create characters which name begins with "ADMIN" or "GM" or name which are similary to current GM/ADMIN names (AccBan, IPBan)
9. It is forbiden to trade, sell or give you accounts or characters. Sell items for the real money or trade to another server items is forbiden too. Players who announces (even fake) will be punished (ChatBan, Jail, AccBan)
10. It is forbiden to cancel while enemy not flaged or buff if player doesn't wants that buff!!! (CharJail for long long time)
11. It is forbiden report yourself as ADMIN/GM (SCAM) and ask other players for private information like Account name, password, etc. (IPBan & items will be given back to their owners)
12. On every month 1st day inactive players (not logged in for 3 months) will be deleted.
13. Exploiting any bug is forbidden. If you notice a bug in a game, please report it to admin. (CharBan, AccBan, IPBan)

ADMIN always right! His word is last.

Admin remain right to change rules without any notice.

Punishments list