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2010-05-01 07:57:56
Author: MKas

Server offline because we are doing database backup & cleanup.

Update #3
2010-04-28 14:17:20
Author: MKas

MP & HP Potions prices raised.
MP potions now restore 500 mp/potion.
Added teleport to Gracia continent to Custom zones teleporter.

Update #2
2010-04-26 15:05:19
Author: MKas

Nobless quest item price changed from 15 event medals to 5 glittering event medals.
Enabled geodata in Goddard.
Reflect skills temporary not returns damage.
Some minor fixes.

Rule #13
2010-04-23 11:01:11
Author: MKas

New rule was added:
13. Exploiting any bug is forbidden. If you notice a bug in a game, please report it to admin. (CharBan, AccBan, IPBan)

Rule #12
2010-04-18 15:24:14
Author: MKas

New rule was added:
12. On every month 1st day inactive players (not logged in for 3 months) will be deleted.

2010-04-14 22:24:16
Author: MKas

Now we have a screenshots gallery. If you have nice screen shots, send them to me.

2kk hits reached
2010-04-11 17:29:42
Author: MKas counter already counted 2`000`000 web page hits.

Update #1
2010-04-10 22:16:26
Author: MKas

Enchant rate raised from 75% to 88%
Now you can buy A, S, Dynasty, Icarus weapons with SA in GM shop without additional price.